Many Hoaxes About Vaccines, This Said Vice President Ma'ruf Amin

Many Hoaxes about Vaccines, This Said Vice President Ma'ruf Amin

Vice President Ma'ruf Amin visited the University of Mataram, Lombok, NTB. (Photo by: Setwapres)

Jakarta - Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ma'ruf Amin, also spoke out about the large amount of false information, aka hoaxes about vaccines on social media. According to him, vaccination is in line with Islamic teachings.

Ma'ruf Amin explained that the existence of vaccines is in line with the teachings of Islamic law and the traditions of the prophet Muhammad SAW. He conveyed this during a dialogue with the Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Handling Task Force, Dr. Reisa Brotoasmoro, Friday (16/10/2020) broadcast on the Presidential Secretariat YouTube channel.

This is also said to be one of the objectives of the teachings of Islam, which is called maqashid asy-sharia which contains five things. Guarding religion, guarding the soul, safeguarding wealth, guarding descent and guarding reason.

"Of these 5, in normal conditions, guarding religion is number one. Number two is guarding the soul or hifdzun nafs. But in an abnormal situation such as a pandemic problem, maintaining mental safety according to the Shari'a is number one. Because guarding the soul is no alternative, it cannot be replaced by others. So it must be prioritized, "said Ma'aruf, quoted from the official website of the Covid-19 task force.

The government, currently, is conducting clinical trials of the covid-19 vaccine which will be injected into millions of people. The vaccine is carried out in collaboration with other countries or developed independently, namely the Red and White vaccine.

Regarding the procurement of vaccines by the government, Ma'aruf Amin said this was a form of effort to prevent a disease from occurring. According to him, the immunization program is part of the treatment effort.

"There are two kinds of treatment, some are curative and preventive. If curative has occurred, it is treated. Then preventive treatment occurs before it occurs," said Ma'aruf Amin .

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Wear a mask, wash your hands with soap, keep your distance and avoid crowds.

Always take care of your health, don't get infected and take care of our family.

Immunization is included in preventive or preventive measures. There is a general argument in Islam that asks Muslims to prepare 5 things before an unwanted incident occurs. He explained, first, Muslims must be prepared in their youth before dying. Second, prepare a healthy period before getting sick. Third, prepare for the rich before being poor. Fourth, prepare free time before getting busy. And fifth, prepare for life before death.

"Now this is preventive, there is a religious order so that we maintain our health. So we have to prepare for the health period to prevent illness. So that is the argument for immunization," emphasized Ma'aruf.

Currently for vaccine procurement, the Government has issued Presidential Decree No. 18 of 2020 concerning the National Team for the Acceleration of Vaccine Development. This team is expected to conduct preparation, utilization, capacity building and national capacity in developing vaccines. As the executor, it is led by the Eijkman Biology and Molecular Institute in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Research and Technology. His job is to develop the Red and White vaccine.

Ma'aruf Amin asked the public to give support to the government. His support for all stages of preparation to implementation of the vaccination. It is also hoped that the public will not be affected by fake news spread by irresponsible parties.

"The public can follow information through official statements submitted by the government. Do not believe information that has not been confirmed," he appealed. is a verified media for the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN) along with dozens of other mass media around the world.

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