Map Of The Corona Covid-19 Surabaya Distribution On October 17, 2020

Map of the Corona COVID-19 Surabaya Distribution on October 17, 2020

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Jakarta - An additional 28 positive patients for Corona COVID-19 in Surabaya, East Java on Saturday, 17 October 2020. The total number of positive cases of COVID-19 reached 15,279 people.

Meanwhile, 40 patients recovered from Corona COVID-19 in Surabaya. The total number of patients recovering from Corona COVID-19 reached 13,912 people.

On the one hand, two more patients died from COVID-19 in Surabaya, so that the total number of patients died reached 1,126 people.

There were 241 patients confirmed in care. Thus quoting, Sunday (18/10/2020).

In terms of the percentage of COVID-19 confirmation as of October 17, 2020, with details of confirmed patient recovery reaching 91.05 percent or the equivalent of 13,912, confirmation of death 1,126 or the equivalent of 7.37 percent and confirmations in care as much as 241 or the equivalent of 1.58 percent.

For Corona COVID-19 cases per region as of October 17, 2020 in Surabaya:

West Surabaya:

Confirmation: 2,329 people

Healed: 2,124 people

Died: 163 people

Central Surabaya:

Confirmation: 1,707 people

Healed: 1,525 people

Died: 165 people

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Always take care of your health, don't get infected and take care of our family.

North Surabaya:

Confirmation: 2,380 people

Healed: 2,175 people

Died: 184 people

East Surabaya:

Confirmation: 4,740 people

Healed: 4,337 people

Died: 311 people

South Surabaya:

Confirmation: 4,123 people

Healed: 3,751 people

Died: 303 people

1. Mojo Village: 371 people

2. Tanah Kali Kedinding Village: 289 people

3. Kalirungkut Village: 255 people

4. Wonokromo Ward: 248 people

5. Ngagel Rejo Village: 241 people

6. Putat Jaya Village: 215 people

7. Pacarkembang Village: 214 people

8. Manukan Kulon Village: 208 people

9. Morokrembangan Urban Village: 206 people

10. Sememi Village: 205 people

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