Meeting With A Candidate From Yahukimo, Kpu Members Are Examined By The Papua Bawaslu

Meeting with a Candidate from Yahukimo, KPU Members are examined by the Papua Bawaslu

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Jakarta A member of the General Election Commission (KPU) Papua was asked 22 questions by the local Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) regarding the findings of cases of suspected violations in the 2020 Regional Head Elections (Pilkada).

ZA was asked for clarification regarding the video of his meeting with one of the regional head candidates from Yahukimo Regency.

"These 22 questions were asked for four hours at the Papua Provincial Bawaslu Office from 13.00 to 16.00 WIT while maintaining the COVID-19 health protocol," said Papua Province Bawaslu Commissioner Ronald Manoach, in Jayapura, Wednesday, September 16, 2020.

According to Ronald, the alleged violation will emerge when the results of clarification from various parties related to this case are examined first.

"Then the alleged offense is concluded to be determined what sanctions will be charged," he told Antara.

Previously, a viral video on social media of a meeting of a local General Election Commission (KPU) commissioner with the initials ZA and one of the candidates for regional head of Yahukimo Regency with the initials AB in a shopping center in Jayapura, Papua .

For information, in Papua Province there are 11 districts that hold simultaneous regional elections 2020. Namely Yahukimo, Keerom, Bintang Mountains, Mamberamo Raya, Merauke, Boven Digoel, Asmat, Supiori, Waropen, Yalimo and Nabire.

Of the 11 districts, findings of alleged violations were only found in two districts, namely Merauke and Yahukimo.

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