Men Allegedly Burning A Car Via Vallen Works As A Clothing Seller

Men Allegedly Burning a Car Via Vallen Works as a Clothing Seller

Perpetrators of the Burning of Via Vallen Car Have Been Secured by the Police, Here Are 4 Facts

Jakarta - A luxury car belonging to Via Vallen was set on fire by a person suspected of having the initials P, at his home in Tanggulangin, Sidoarjo, East Java on Tuesday (6/30/2020) morning. Now the man suspected of setting fire to an Alphard Via Vallen car is undergoing an inspection at Sidoarjo Police Station.

Sidoarjo Police Chief, Commissioner Pol Sumardji said, the man suspected of setting fire to a car belonging to Via Vallen was a 40-year-old man who worked daily as a clothing seller.

"His job (the man with the initial P) claimed to sell clothes, sell pants," said Commissioner Pol Sumardji, when contacted Tuesday (06/30/2020).

In his examination, it turns out this man is a person from outside the island of Java. It was known after the police checked the Identity Card (KTP). But unfortunately Sumardji did not explain in detail the origin.

"Suspected people outside Java, age 40 years," said Sumardji.

The police are currently investigating further the motive for burning the Via Vallen's Alphard car. Moreover, this man is still difficult to be questioned.

"We are still digging information from several sources, from witnesses, evidence in the field. It is unexpected that we are still talking, so we have to examine it in more ways," Sumardji said again.

Earlier, Tuesday (6/30/2020), in the early morning a Alphard luxury car belonging to the dangdut singer Via Vallen was burned to the ground. Allegedly, a white luxury car that was seen parked next to the house was set on fire by an unknown person.

The burning of this car was uploaded by the singer "Sayang" on Instagram Story. In the video uploaded around three o'clock in the morning, visible flames burned the body of the car.

In the video there is also a sound of Via Vallen that sounds panicked, because the fire that burns his car is getting bigger. Moreover, the fire department that was contacted never came.

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