Nemanja Matic Is Ready To Be A Mentor Scott Mctominay To Become A Great Player At Manchester United

Nemanja Matic Is Ready To Be A Mentor Scott McTominay To Become A Great Player At Manchester United

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Jakarta - A determination expressed by Nemanja Matic. The Serbian midfielder claims he is ready to be a mentor to Scott McTominay so the midfielder can become a crucial player at Manchester United .

Scott McTominay in the last two seasons is enjoying a beautiful career at Manchester United. MU academy dropout was trusted by Solskjaer to become one of the regular starters in United's midfield.

McTominay returned Solskjaer's trust well. He showed an impressive performance when revealed in the midfield of the Red Devils.

Matic claimed to be ready to help McTominay to grow into a better player. "Scott knows if he needs advice, then I will always be there for him," Matic told Sky Sports.

Matic admitted that his juniors had a good development after being promoted to the Manchester United senior team.

But he believes the junior is still not reaching his full potential and he is confident McTominay will be even better in the future.

"He is still in the learning phase. But I am really happy to see him grow and I can say he has progressed well."

Matic also thinks that McTominay is a pillar of the Manchester United team's future.

He said the Scottish national team player would be one of the crucial players for the Red Devils in the next few years.

"I have said this several times, but I am sure he will be a very important player for Manchester United in the future." said Nemanja Matic concluded

After the lockdown period, McTominay's place in the MU midfield began to be coupped by Matic.

The Serbian midfielder showed improved performance so he was trusted by Solskjaer to be Paul Pogba's tandem in Manchester United's midfield.

Source : Sky Sports News

Adapted from : (Serafin Unus Pasi, published 6/30/2020)

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