Not Yet Received Blt, Male In Sinjai Sulsel Tikam Member Of Bpd Until Death

Not Yet Received BLT, Male in Sinjai Sulsel Tikam Member of BPD Until Death

Pria di Sinjai tikam BPD karena belum dapat BLT
Photo: Men in Sinjai stabbed BPD members because they have not received BLT (special doc.)

Anwar Bin Kadir (45) was arrested by police after stabbing Asdar a Member of the Village Penitentiary (BPD) in Sinjai Regency , South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi), to death. Anwar stabbed Asdar to death because he allegedly had not received direct cash assistance ( BLT ).

The stabbing occurred on Sunday (5/24/2020), around 8:00 PM WITA, in Tomantan Hamlet, Bonto Sinala Village, Sinjai Borong District, Sinjai Regency. Asdar was killed by Anwar when he was stabbed when he saw his wife arguing with the victim.

"Anwar's wife went to the Amir metua house which is Kadantan Tomantan to question the distribution of Desa BLT (social assistance) that had been channeled but he did not get the assistance but the wife of the perpetrator Lena did not meet and only met with Asdar so at that time the victim and the perpetrator's wife quarreling in front of the victim's house, "said Police Chief Sinjai, AKBP Iwan Irmawan.

Iwan explained the chronology of Anwar's stabbing of Asdar which caused his death. Iwan said Asdar and Anwar had a fight with sharp weapons, but Asdar's heart was badly pierced by Anwar's rascal.

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