Nurse Died Of Covid-19, Untan Hospital In Pontianak Is Temporarily Closed

Nurse Died of Covid-19, Untan Hospital in Pontianak is temporarily closed

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Pontianak - The Chancellor of the Tanjungpura University Pontianak Garuda Wiko instructed the management of the Tanjungpura University Hospital to temporarily close activities at the hospital because a health worker was positive for Covid-19 and later died.

"This was done in connection with the medical personnel of Untan Hospital who were positively exposed to Covid-19 , so we instructed Untan Hospital managers to temporarily stop hospital services in accordance with applicable health protocols," he said in Pontianak, Sunday (18/10/2020) .

He also asked the management of Untan Hospital to carry out work from home for medical and non-medical personnel with a further regulated mechanism.

"This decision is effective starting from Sunday 18 October to 1 November and will be active again on 2 November 2020," said Garuda Wiko, as quoted by Antara .

Meanwhile, the Head of the West Kalimantan Health Service, Dr.Harisson, confirmed the death of a nurse at Untan Hospital after being confirmed by Covid-19.

"The nurse who died was female and died on October 17, 2020," said Harisson.

He explained that the nurse had previously experienced pain and a swab test was carried out. Then on October 12, the test results came out and confirmed Covid-19 .

"We immediately asked for an independent isolation at his house. However, because this nurse lives alone, we continue to monitor it through the nearest health center officer," he said.

During the period of independent isolation, the deceased often complained of shortness of breath. Then on October 17, the brother of the deceased came to his house around 10.00 and it was discovered that the deceased had died.

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According to him, most likely the deceased was exposed to Covid-19 from outside Untan Hospital, because so far there have been no cases of nurses or patients confirmed by Covid-19 at the hospital.

"Yesterday, his body was taken to RSUD Soedarso to carry out the process of monitoring the body and the deceased was buried with health protocols. I represent the ranks of the West Kalimantan Health Office to convey my condolences to the family of the deceased, I hope the deceased will get a proper place in the side of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala," he said. Harisson.

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