Patients Recover From Corona Covid-19 Reaches 2,314 People In Surabaya

Patients Recover from Corona COVID-19 Reaches 2,314 People in Surabaya

(Photo: Kurniawan)

Jakarta - The number of recovery of Corona COVID-19 patients in Surabaya has reached 2,314 people until Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

Coordinator for the Prevention of the Covid-19 Surabaya Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling, Febria Rachmanita, said that recovered patients had reached 76 people on Monday, June 29, 2020.

The details are eight people from outpatient isolation independently, eight people from inpatient hospitals and the remaining patients from the Hajj Dormitory Hotel.

"There are 60 patients from the Hajj Dormitory Hotel. So far it is still the highest. Because they (patients) have the status of people without symptoms (OTG)," said Feny, familiar greeting Febria Rachmanita in the Public Kitchen of Surabaya City Hall, Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

Feny said, not only were COVID-19 confirmed patients being monitored, but people under surveillance (ODP), patients with supervision (PDP) were also their priorities. Proven based on data from the Surabaya City Health Office the cumulative ODP numbered 4,402 people.

"What we are still monitoring is 420 people. The rest we have finished monitoring," he said, as quoted from the page

Meanwhile, the cumulative number of PDP as of Tuesday, 30 June 2020 totaled 4,962 patients. While 2,503 patients are still under surveillance. These patients consist of independent isolation outpatients and inpatients in hospitals.

"There are 1,361 outpatients who are still being monitored and 1,142 inpatients," he said.

Not only that, as the return of patients from the Hajj Dormitory Hotel is increasing, making the bed or bed more and more empty. As a result, Feny calculated that from the 500 bed capacity to date, around 400 beds are still being filled.

"It means that around 100 beds are still available. But the numbers keep moving," he said.

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