Pdip Calls The Job Creation Law To Protect And Strengthen Msmes

PDIP Calls the Job Creation Law to Protect and Strengthen MSMEs

PHOTO: A number of Indonesian Cabinet Ministers Forward Attend the Plenary Ratification of the Ciptaker Law

Jakarta - Member of the House of Representatives Commission VI of the PDI-Struggle (PDIP) Durianto senior official said that Law Copyright Labor which has diketok Parliament last October 5, will provide a lot of convenience and benefits for SMEs and cooperatives.

Among the facilities that are obtained by MSMEs, said Darmadi, are related to legal standing or legal basis for business. If so far it has been difficult for MSMEs to obtain permits, the Job Creation Law regulates this convenience.

"Previously, MSMEs did not have legal entities, business entities. Now the Job Creation Law was created by individual companies," Darmadi said in a written statement on Sunday (18/10/2020).

Darmadi said, MSMEs are a sector that absorbs labor up to 97.5% of the workforce. MSMEs also have a large contribution to the national economy with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 67%.

Therefore, continued Darmadi, it is natural that various facilities and facilities for MSMEs are accommodated in the Job Creation Law. Among them are stipulated in the regulation which requires a minimum of 30% public infrastructure facilities for promotion, business places and micro and small business development.

"So far, MSMEs are not given proper places. So these points make us pay serious attention to MSMEs," said Darmadi.

According to Darmadi, the Ciptaker Law has provided a lot of protection and opportunities for strengthening MSMEs in Indonesia, especially in the activities of Micro and Small Enterprises (MSMEs).

"It is hoped that later MSMEs can develop well in Indonesia and give priority to domestic products," Darmadi said.

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