Pdpi: Lung Cancer Is Not A Disease That May Appear

PDPI: Lung Cancer Is Not a Disease that May Appear

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Jakarta - Chairperson of the Indonesian Lung Cancer Doctors Working Group (PDPI) dr. Elisna Syahruddin, PhD, Sp.P (K) Onk, explained the differences in cancer, especially lung cancer with COVID-19.

According to him, cancer is a disease of genes that grows in the body after a long time. Medium, COVID-19 is a disease caused by an infectious virus infection.

COVID-19 tends not to take long to show symptoms. While cancer takes about 10 years to grow by one cm and newly diagnosed.

"Cancer is not a complete disease, but it requires a long process called carcinogenesis or normal cell growth into cancer cells and can be detected clinically," Elisna said in the Webminar Lungtalk IPKP on Saturday, August 1, 2020.

"Why is lung cancer troublesome, because he's not visible inside, it's different from breast cancer which if there is a small lump directly examined."

He added, the risk factors for these two diseases were also different. A person can be infected with COVID-19 if it does not comply with health protocols such as not keeping a distance, not wearing a mask, and other rules. While the main risk factors for lung cancer are smoking and air pollution.

"Actually the risk factors for cancer are clear and there are 4 out of 10 cancers that can be prevented including lung cancer. One of the main causes of lung cancer is exposure to cigarette smoke. "

Besides active smokers, passive smokers also have a high risk of lung cancer.

Besides cigarette smoke, there are other risk factors that come from unhealthy foods. Fast food that tastes good unwittingly has a high risk of triggering cancer, not just lung cancer but cancer in general.

"For cancer in general, excess weight also increases risk. Don't drink alcohol, don't try. Do not be too relaxed must actively move.

According to him, lung cancer is not a hereditary disease. However, if a parent experiences cancer then his child has a higher vulnerability than other children whose parents are healthy.

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