Pergoki Wife Cheating, Husband Even Sent To The Police

Pergoki wife cheating, husband even sent to the police

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MAKASSAR - A wife with the initials RAA (24) was caught cheating with another man at a hotel in Makassar, South Sulawesi. RAA was found by her own husband, whose name was WAS (25)

When he was found, the woman who was a resident of Jalan Siswa, Bontoa Village, Mandai District, Maros Regency, was even under the influence of alcohol when she was caught cheating in a hotel room.

Due to this incident, the wife even reported her husband to the Mandai Police, Maros Police, regarding the crime of domestic violence (KDRT). However, RAA felt that she was being abused and even locked in the house by her husband, so she reported her husband to the police because he was caught cheating.

Chief of Criminal Investigation of Mandai Police, Iptu Amilang said it started when his wife was found cheating at the hotel and running from his house. During his escape, the young wife reported her husband to the police.

"That started with her husband (WAS) getting the victim (RAA) in a hotel in Makassar, together with a man and accompanied by drunkenness due to the problem so that the victim left the house," Amilang told Okezone Friday 7 August 2020.

Her husband's attempt to return his wife to his house again, namely by calling the friends of the victim (wife), to help her to be persuaded.

"But the victim was not well received for the assistance, because she suspected that one of her friends was the spy for her husband. So the victim that night became angry and went berserk screaming in front of the house," said Amilang.

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To reduce his wife's anger, WAS was provoked to take a beating. However, the wife when she reported to the police, admitted that she was being tortured and locked up in her house room, by her husband.

"So the fact is that his wife was found cheating at the hotel. Not at home. So currently we are still investigating the victim's report," said Amilang.


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