Police Arrest Scavenger Who Gondol 9 Hotel Air Conditioning Units In Makassar

Police Arrest Scavenger who Gondol 9 Hotel Air Conditioning Units in Makassar

Pemulung Gondol 9 Unit AC Hotel di Makassar
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A scavenger named Arfah (35), was arrested by the police in connection with the theft of a number of items belonging to the Charisma Hotel in Makassar City, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi). Previous perpetrators carried off 9 units of air conditioner (AC) owned by the hotel to the water pumping machine.

"The perpetrators were taken to the Sector Police," Ujung Pandang Police Chief AKP Bagas Sancoyoning told AFP on Tuesday (6/30/2020) night.

Arfah was arrested by the Ujung Pandang Sector Police Resmob Unit in Makassar at around 6:30 pm. To the police, the perpetrator admitted to acting with a colleague who is currently still at large.

"Fellow of the initials AR is still a DPO," Bagas said.

Bagas explained that the two perpetrators were scavengers who managed to steal a number of hotel belongings on Sunday (6/21). At that time the perpetrators entered by climbing the fence to damage the hotel office.

"The perpetrators entered the hotel by climbing the fence and damaging the office door and then took the outdoor air conditioner and water pump," explained Bagas.

Bagas said the theft was discovered after the local Bhabinkamtibmas saw the damaged hotel office door and immediately notified the hotel. After checking, found 9 outdoor AC units, 3 water pumping machines, as well as PLN cables of various sizes that have been lost from their respective places.

"Arfah acknowledged that she had dismantled and cut the installation cables located on the hotel ceiling and AR (DPO) which opened outdoor air conditioners," concluded Bagas.

Together with the perpetrators, the police helped secure the English key, pliers, screwdrivers, gloves and shirts that the perpetrators used as evidence.

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