Police Determine One Suspected Case Of Alleged Burning Of A Car Via Vallen

Police Determine One Suspected Case of Alleged Burning of a Car Via Vallen

6 Moments of the Alphard Via Vallen Car Burned Next to the House, Burned by an Unknown Person

Surabaya - Head of East Java Regional Police Public Relations, Commissioner Pol Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko said, his party has set a suspect with the initials P related to the alleged case of the burning of a luxury car type Alphard numbered W 1 VV owned by sworddut Via Vallen .

"In the meantime the initials P are secured as suspects," said Trunoyudo, Tuesday (6/30/2020).

Trunoyudo conveyed that his party arrested the suspect suspect thanks to the surveillance camera catches as well as assistance from the surrounding community who recognized the suspect.

"The suspect, the community environment knows. And if we are called neighbors, we still understand it," he said.

Touched related to the motive, so far it has not been able to extract the information of the suspect. However, he ensured that he still explored the motive of the suspect to burn Via Vallen's car. "We still explore (the motive), whether part of the fans or others," he said.

Trunoyudo admitted, his party also plans to call Via Vallen . The police plan to retrieve Via Vallen's information from the victim's side.

"We will certainly conduct an examination for victims' witnesses. Given that Via Vallen is a victim and there are witnesses. We will take all the information," he said.

Previously, Sidoarjo Police Chief, Senior Commissioner Pol Sumardji admitted, his side still did not know the alleged motive of the perpetrators of the burning of a luxury vehicle belonging to the Valld sword.

Sumardji also said that his side had not received clearer and more detailed information regarding the alleged case because it was suspected that the perpetrators had difficulty in being invited to communicate.

"Not yet (communicating). The person is like pretending to be stupid or crazy, talking digressively. While we let it go first, we see his development after he is calm we will check," he said, Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

Sidoarjo Police have also seized a number of items of evidence including a bottle of mineral water that smells of gasoline belonging to the alleged perpetrators of the Via Vallen sworddut car burning.

In addition, the police also seized evidence of the bag used by the alleged perpetrator. Which could make the police somewhat surprised, in the bag was found jenglot (doll-like objects that are believed to have mystical power), yellow bamboo which is believed to be lucky, and other shamanistic tools.

"We also secured a bag, containing BCA books and jenglot, in essence like shamanism. Including like a yellow bamboo that was cut a few centimeters," Sumardji said.

Previously, Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Sidoarjo District Police, AKP Ambuka Yudha Hardi Putra, confirmed that his party had secured a man who was suspected as an arsonist of Alphard's luxury car belonging to dangdut singer Via Vallen.

"Yes, it's true, one person has been secured, allegedly the perpetrators of arson," he said.

Ambuka still could not explain the alleged identity or motive of the perpetrators of arson because it was currently still digging information from those concerned.

"It's still being explored (burning motive). What is clear is that at this time we are also still seeking information from other witnesses," he said.

Pedangdut Via Vallen through his instagram account @viavallen uploaded a video of a white luxury car that was seen parked next to his house allegedly burned by an unknown person at around three in the morning. Flames were seen burning the body of the car.

In the video there is also a sound of Via Vallen that sounds panicked, because the fire that burns his car is getting bigger. Moreover, the fire department that was contacted never came.

"Please fire extinguisher in the Sidoarjo area please hurry to Tanggulangin. It was already on the phone but not here and there. There was a fire next to the house. If it was not immediately suppressed fear of being hit on the sides of the house," said the voice in the video.

"This is a fire extinguisher, please hurry up here, Po'o. I'm afraid to spread to the house and to the next door neighbor too. This is the word for someone to burn. Watch out for those of you who don't report to the police," he said.

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