Police: Stabber Sheikh Ali Jaber Faces Death Penalty

Police: Stabber Sheikh Ali Jaber faces death penalty

the perpetrator of the stabbing Sheikh Ali Jaber

Jakarta Head of Public Relations of the National Police, Inspector General Argo Yuwono, said that Alpin Andrian (24), the perpetrator of the stabbing of Ulama Syekh Ali Jaber, is suspected of having multiple articles with the threat of the harshest punishment, namely the death penalty.

"What is suspected of this suspect AA is the article on attempted murder, then we also use the article on murder, and we use the article on maltreatment to cause injury. So the threat is the death penalty, or life," said Argo during a press conference, at the National Police Headquarters, Wednesday ( 16/9/2020).

Argo emphasized that in this case his party was not playing games to thoroughly investigate the stabbing incident of Sheikh Ali Jaber . He also said that currently he had examined 13 witnesses.

"There were family witnesses, there were witnesses at the TKP, then there were also witnesses from the committee. So we have already examined them," he said.

Not only that, Argo added, investigators have also conducted case titles and raised the status of the stabbing incident to the investigation stage including sending a Notification Letter on the Commencement of Investigation (SPDP) to the Bandar Lampung District Attorney.

"The suspect is in the cell, it is not true that he is outside. So he is still in the cell and investigators are currently undergoing further examination," he explained.

On the same occasion, Argo also conveyed that there would be a reconstruction of the stabbing case of the Ulama Syekh Muh Ali Jaber which is planned to be held on Thursday (17/9/2020) tomorrow.

"Investigators are planning to carry out reconstruction tomorrow, meaning that until now the activity site is still there and will be guarded by members and reconstruction tomorrow," said Argo.

He continued, in the reconstruction event, the police would present the perpetrator to act out the stabbing scene.

"Later there will be a number of scenes played by the suspect and played by the suspect in tomorrow's reconstruction which will be carried out," he said.

As is known, Syekh Ali Jaber was stabbed by AA (24) while attending a study event in Bandar Lampung. As a result of the attack, he sustained a wound to his right shoulder.

The perpetrator was then successfully secured by the congregation who saw the incident at the location and was taken to the police station. Later, the perpetrator was said to have had a mental illness by the family, although this could not be confirmed by the police.

Reporter: Bachtiarudin Alam

Source: Merdeka

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