Police Still Test Ballistic Bullets One Of The Target Of The Tinombala Task Force

Police Still Test Ballistic Bullets One of the Target of the Tinombala Task Force

TNI personnel who are members of the Tinombala Task Force

Jakarta - A total of 12 members of the Tinombala Task Force were questioned in connection with the alleged target shooting which resulted in two farmers in Poso Pesisir Utara, Syarifudin (25 years) and Firman (17 years) losing their lives around their gardens in Kilo Village, Poso, early June then.

Karo Penmas Police Public Relations Division Brigadier General Awi Setiyono said, the 12 members had been withdrawn from the operational area to Jakarta and were undergoing the inspection process by the Divpropam Police Provost Bureau.

"Regarding the bullet projectile, currently being examined by the Police Criminal Investigation Center. When the entire series of examinations has been completed, the results will be submitted to Ankum namely the Mobile Police Mobile Brigade," said Awi at the National Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Monday (07/07/2020) ).

According to Awi, Karo Provost Divpropam Polri had come to the homes of victims' families who had also been the base of the Tinombala Task Force members before heading to KM 09.

"The family made a statement and hoped that if during the inspection process the officers were proven to have committed violations while on duty, they should only be given a sentence and not be fired or issued as members of the National Police," he explained.

Awi also explained the chronology of the shooting during the Tinombala Task Force operation in Poso. At that time, the team was conducting operations in KM 09 Kawende Village, Poso Pesisir Utara District, Poso Regency

"The events of the afternoon on June 2, 2020 at 15.15 WITA and it was raining so that no community came down or went home," said Awi.

Based on the analysis of the intelligence team and the IT team, the region is a red zone that often appears disturbances such as armed contact. Unexpectedly, there were two victims who entered the KM 09 area not reporting to the Bulkhead officers first.

"So according to the rules, the team in charge should be vigilant and immediately ambush the two unknown people," he said.

Awi said, the officers had acted in accordance with the SOP in the assignment, namely making initial efforts to give an oral warning. But the two unknowns kept moving so warning shots were fired.

"But the person was still trying to escape, then the officers carried out the shooting resulting in both deaths. Knowing who was shot down, the Brimob members approached and checked the person, apparently they were aware that the victim came from KM 09 namely Kawende Village, Poso Pesisir Utara "Furthermore, the victims were evacuated to the village," he explained.

Two days after the incident, on June 4, 2020, not far from the scene of the shooting of Qidam Alfarizki there was a firefight between the Tinombala Task Force and the Ali Kalora Group. That caused Danton Brimob Ipda MA suffered a gunshot wound to the right shoulder.

Two months after that, the victim's family continues to demand that the police reveal and crack down on the perpetrators. Moreover, according to the family, the police have not been able to explain the tragic relationship of family members who lost their lives with the terrorist group that was the target of Operation Tinombala in Poso.

Within the span of two months, the family together with the Muslim Defenders Team (TPM) who became the legal counsel had complained about the alleged cases of embankment by the Tinombala Task Force member to various parties. The Central Sulawesi Regional Police, Komnas HAM, Poso DPRD, and Provincial DPRD have been approached to ask for justice.

"I just ask for justice and the perpetrators punished until imprisoned according to applicable law," said the father of the shooting victim, Irwan Mowance after complaining to the Central Sulawesi Provincial Parliament on Friday afternoon (6/26/2020).

TPM member who accompanied the family, Andi Akbar considered from the beginning the police impressed unprofessional attitude by calling the victim included as part of the MIT group.

"Not long after the Qidam shooting, suddenly the Central Sulawesi Public Relations Head of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police already referred to the victim as a member of Ali Kalora (MIT group). We are waiting for an explanation about it but until now it is not there," said Andi Akbar, a member of Central Sulawesi TPM when accompanying Qidam's father at Central Sulawesi Regional House of Representatives, Friday (6/26/2020).

Efforts to uncover alleged wrong targets at the expense of innocent citizens were made by the police by involving the National Police Headquarters and Komnas HAM. But the perpetrators have not yet been revealed.

Until June 10, the Central Sulawesi Regional Police said dozens of police officers in the case had been questioned, with status as witnesses.

"For the Qidam shooting case there were 29 from internal examination and 3 from the family. All as witnesses," Head of Central Sulawesi Public Relations Head of Police, Commissioner Pol Didik Supranoto told journalists, Wednesday (06/10/2020) .2020).

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