Positive Citizen Corona After From Bogor, East Kalimantan Governor Set Klb

Positive Citizen Corona After from Bogor, East Kalimantan Governor Set KLB

Gubernur Kaltim Isran Noor konferensi pers penetapan status KLB terkait virus Corona.
East Kalimantan Governor Isran Noor conducted a press conference to determine the status of the outbreak related to the Corona virus. (Suriyatman / detikcom)

The Governor of East Kalimantan (East Kalimantan) Isran Noor set the status of an extraordinary event (KLB) related to the Corona virus (COVID-19) . Isran explained the status of the outbreak was determined after a positive case for the Corona virus was confirmed in East Kalimantan.

"Because there has been one case, East Kalimantan is automatically confirmed to be in KLB status. But we hope that citizens do not need to worry because right now the person concerned is in good condition," Isran said at the East Kalimantan Governor's office, Wednesday (3/18/2020) night.

Isran revealed, from January 31 to March 18 there were 35 cases related to Corona in East Kalimantan. Of the 35 cases, 10 were declared Corona negative, 21 cases were still waiting for the results of the examination, and 1 person was declared Corona positive.

"But all patients are in good condition and we hope they can all be normal conditions," said Isran.

Isran said the Corona positive patient in East Kalimantan had a history of a trip to West Java. He, said Isran, had contact with someone in West Java who was positive about Corona.

"The patient had a chance to attend a seminar in the area of Bogor, West Java. He even had time with a victim who died in Central Java," Isran said.

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