Positive Covid-19 Cases Rise, West Papua Kadinkes: We Are Starting To Be Overwhelmed

Positive Covid-19 Cases Rise, West Papua Kadinkes: We Are Starting to Be Overwhelmed

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Manokwari - Anticipating a spike in positive cases of Covid-19, the West Papua Provincial Government needs a pulmonary specialist.

Head of the West Papua Provincial Health Office, Otto Perorongan, said Friday (18/9/2020) that at least two pulmonary specialist doctors were needed to be stationed in Manokwari and Sorong. Until now, the recruitment process is still ongoing.

Recruitment of specialist doctors in West Papua has been open since April 2020. In addition to pulmonary specialists, recruitment is also open for anesthetists, radiology specialists, and clinical pathology specialists each.

"There are two that we just got which are internal medicine specialists. We still need at least a lung and pathology specialist," said Otto.

As the graph of Covid-19 cases in West Papua increases, said Otto, West Papua still needs additional medical personnel. Currently more than health workers are involved in handling Covid-19.

"With this increase in cases, we will anticipate the future. I think our medical personnel are currently getting overwhelmed," he said again.

Regarding the recruitment of pulmonary specialists, which until now the West Papua Provincial Government has not yet received, has increased the honorarium. Initially, the honorarium for specialist doctors in the area was set at Rp. 50 million per person per month, now it has been increased to Rp. 70 million.

"We are still opening admissions for some of the specialist doctors, especially the lungs. This recruitment is coordinated by Doctor Ade Ismawan, he is the Chairman of IDI Manokwari as well as staff at the West Papua Hospital," he said again.

According to the data from the Covid-19 Task Force, in the last week the mining of positive cases in West Papua was quite significant. Sorong City, Sorong Regency, Bintuni Bay, Manokwari and Raja Ampat have quite high Covid-19 records.

According to data on September 17, 2020, there are cumulatively 1,333 West Papuans exposed to Covid-19 . Not a few state civil servants (ASN), members of the National Police, and TNI are undergoing treatment due to being infected with Covid-19.

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