Proud Movement Made In Indonesia Will Raise Msmes From The Impact Of Covid-19

Proud Movement Made in Indonesia Will Raise MSMEs from the Impact of Covid-19

Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) Teten Masduki, at the Ngetem X KUMKM event, at the SMESCO Indonesia Building, Jakarta, Monday (9/3/2020).

Jakarta - Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Teten Masduki stressed the importance of the Proud Indonesian Movement to increase demand for MSME products amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The Proud Movement made in Indonesia, in my opinion, is very important, especially to encourage UMKM products that are engaged in fashion, home decor, and regional specialty," said Teten Masduki in his statement in Jakarta, Thursday (17/9/2020).

According to him, Indonesian MSME products in this field had the advantage that the global market was very interested in before the pandemic occurred.

For this reason, Teten hopes that through this movement, MSMEs in Indonesia can rise from the downturn due to the pandemic which has caused constraints in terms of supply and demand .

"We have a domestic advantage in the form of the availability of raw materials, both endemic and mining products, and I think we are rich in artistic culture which can be a source of inspiration for the production of knick-knacks in Indonesia," he said.

He emphasized that the strength of Indonesian MSMEs lies in "custom culture" and not mass products. This is important to strengthen through socialization and education to the public, so that their purchasing power increases and they do not hesitate to buy knick-knacks products produced by MSMEs.

In addition, his party continues to provide assistance and guidance so that MSMEs are ready and able to continue to develop their businesses in the midst of adapting to new habits.

"Before the pandemic, fashion products, home decor, and knick-knacks such as jewelery made from endemic raw materials, as well as metals from our MSMEs were quite large in demand abroad. And this has entered the top list for curation to the global market. Unfortunately during the pandemic, global demand was disrupted, ”he explained.

Therefore, Teten said that the government has prepared various programs for MSMEs to adapt and innovate products, so that they can follow the development of new markets, which are mainly products of basic needs, educational needs and health care needs.

"Domestic market demand has fallen, purchasing power has also decreased, so that what is growing is the home industry based on basic needs. This is what we process, so that MSMEs can adapt and change business orientation, then innovate products, including utilizing digital platforms for their marketing, "he said.

Thus, he also encouraged MSMEs to transform the use of technology in the production process, as well as take advantage of research results and superior human resources in developing UMKM products.

"The most important thing is how the UMKM ecosystem can develop. During this period, several ministries provided assistance, education, curation, and incubation so that MSMEs would shift from the current situation and transform into a better direction, so that MSMEs could take up space in the domestic and global markets, "he concluded.

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