Prudential Launches Affordable Insurance Products

Prudential Launches Affordable Insurance Products

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Jakarta - Prudential Indonesia launched the Healthy PRUSolusi and Healthy Syariah PRUSolusi, pure health insurance without an investment component that can reach the wider community in facing health challenges and the possible financial impacts.

Prudential Indonesia President Director Jens Reisch said, to protect more Indonesian people in the midst of the current challenging situation, Prudential Indonesia is again innovating through the PRUSolusi Sehat and Syariah Healthy PRUSolusi as a pure health insurance solution that is affordable and focused on health protection.

"The COVID-19 pandemic teaches us that health risks can strike at any time without being predicted, and can have an impact on family finances. In the future, customers can also upgrade their policies to get additional benefits that are increasingly comprehensive, including investment, "he said in Jakarta, Tuesday (6/30/2020).

With all the impacts that were felt clearly during COVID-19, the community must be wise in financial planning, especially to prepare health protection. This urgency was also explained by Prof. Budi Hidayat, SKM, MPPM, PhD as economists and health insurance from the Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia.

"Health challenges that are now increasingly complex give birth to a number of risks of illness, so that proper financial planning is crucial to avoid catastrophic expenditure, ie when households spend more than 10 percent of their total income (measured by consumption levels) for health care," he said .

In fact, in 2013, 4.2 percent of the population (10.5 million people) spent more than 10 percent of their total income on health costs. This figure rises to 4.5 percent (or 11.8 million people) in 2017.

"The opportunity for household catastrophic shopping is higher when there are family members who need inpatient services. In 2017, for example, the incidence of catastrophic spending due to the risk of illness among patients requiring inpatient services reached 27.9 percent (3.1 million). If it is not handled well, then catastrophic expenditures that undermine the family's financial condition could potentially happen to anyone, indiscriminately, "continued Prof. Budi.

In addition, research in 2015 aimed at insurance participants who had just been discharged from hospitals in 6 provinces (Jakarta, East Java, NTT, East Kalimantan and North Sulawesi) showed that 18 percent of 2,728 patients still paid medical expenses their personal (out of pocket).

Therefore, health insurance with affordable prices and complete benefits is needed in order to protect financial stability in the midst of increasing hospital costs.

In 2019, the increase in Indonesian hospital costs is expected to increase 10.8 percent from 2018, higher than some other Asian countries.

Responding to this condition, Himawan Purnama, Head of Product Development Prudential Indonesia explained, "Healthy PRUSOLUSION and Sharia Healthy PRUSOLUSION are pure health protection solutions without complete investment components at affordable prices and have high flexibility in health protection options and reach to the entire world according with the selected plan. With their various advantages, these two products become something that people really need in the midst of various economic uncertainties that may still continue to occur. "

Healthy PRUSolusi and Healthy PRUSolusi Sharia offers health protection for Indonesian families against the risk of hospitalization according to hospital bills for certain benefits. This product also provides additional facilities in the registration and administration of hospitalization in all hospitals that are members of the PRUMedical Network.

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