Psbb Sidoarjo Extended, Residents Want More Socialization

PSBB Sidoarjo Extended, Residents Want More Socialization

PSBB Surabaya Raya termasuk Sidoarjo diperpanjang hingga 25 Mei 2020. Warga berharap ada sosialisasi maksimal dari perpanjangan PSBB tersebut.
Curfew in Sidoarjo / Photo: Suparno

Surabaya Raya PSBB, including Sidoarjo, was extended until May 25, 2020. Residents hoped that there would be a maximum socialization of the PSBB extension.

The statement was made by a Sidoarjo community leader, Rahmat Muhajirin. He agreed with the extension of the PSBB because the number of Corona cases was still high. But he hopes there will be socialization up to the RT level first.

"Maximum socialization must be done, so that the public knows very well, and understand related to PSBB," Rahmat said when contacted by AFP on Sunday (05/10/2020).

According to him, if the community understood and knew very well about Pergub and Perbup, it would certainly obey these rules. He considered, so far many people at the RT level did not understand the regulation, due to lack of socialization. So many violated.

"We agree to block the road during the curfew. But if there are people who will pass the road, and bring identification must be permitted. The issue of sanctions is reinforced we agreed as long as it does not aggravate. Because during the Corona pandemic many people were difficult," Rahmat added.

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