Puncak Papua Receives Idr 91 Billion Blt Fund

Puncak Papua Receives IDR 91 Billion BLT Fund

Puncak Papua terima dana BLT
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President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) provides direct cash assistance (BLT) to the people of Puncak, Papua. The Regent of Puncak, Willem Wandik said this assistance was evidence of the presence of the country in the middle of the Corona pandemic.

"The distribution of BLT funds should be devoted to regions whose citizens are affected by the corona virus (red zone). However, for social justice, President Joko Widodo decreases the policy so that the distribution of BLT funds is evenly distributed in all regions. This is evidence that the state is here to help overcome the social impact of the Corona pandemic. in this district, "Willem Wandik said in his written statement on Saturday (1/8/2020).

BLT funds disbursed amounting to Rp 91 billion. This fund was distributed to 206 villages, spread in 25 districts.

In the initial stage the distribution was carried out for 6 districts of Puncak Regency, amounting to Rp 25 billion, namely the Districts of North Ilaga, Ilaga, Gome, Amukia, Mabugi and North Gome. Then gradually and evenly the funds will be handed over to 19 districts or 206 villages, in Puncak District from Tuesday 28 July 2020.

According to Willem, later one KK (Head of the Family) will receive a fund of Rp 600 thousand per month. He said, if counted from January, so now it has reached six months, so that one family can get funds of Rp 4 million.

"You see for yourself, all the villagers in Puncak are so happy and proud, they express their gratitude to President Joko Widodo through the Village Minister, because in the current difficult situation, they can see and receive BLT money physically. This is proof that the state continues to be present and care for the people of the eastern mountains far from the capital city of Jakarta, "he said.

Willem ensure, these funds will be distributed evenly and fairly. The local government itself is said to have helped oversee the distribution of BLT.

"Regarding the distribution of BLT funds, I am sure it will be equitable and fair, because the culture and customs of the people in the central mountains, especially in the Regency of Puncak, already have a culture, togetherness, honesty and mutual assistance. "The main village can get funds of up to Rp. 7 billion, adjusted for the number of families," he explained.

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