Raffi Ahmad Builds A Basement That Fits 9 Cars, Here Are 7 Portraits Of The Construction

Raffi Ahmad builds a basement that fits 9 cars, here are 7 portraits of the construction

[Star] Raffi Ahmad

Jakarta - Raffi Ahmad is currently building an interesting basement, aka a basement, which will later be used as his personal and family residence.

Raffi Ahmad's new basement is on a piece of land not far from his house. Not an ordinary rubanah, Raffi built it with a very large size.

Because of the size of Raffi Ahmad 's basement, which is still under construction, it was designed to be able to accommodate nine units of cars.

Luxury facilities have also been prepared. One of them is the installation of an elevator in order to facilitate access from above to the basement.

Then what is the initial appearance of Raffi Ahmad's basement which is still being built? The following is a row of portraits as can be seen through the YouTube channel Rans Entertainment.

This is how the basement of Raffi Ahmad was built.

Raffi Ahmad looked serious while discussing with the team of workers.

The excavation atmosphere looks smooth and from here you can see how much land was used.

The view from the other side of the basement is also shown.

A moment when Raffi Ahmad discussed the design of his basement with workers was also shown.

The basement height is also shown in one viewpoint. However, it is not yet known whether it will be explored further.

Even Raffi Ahmad also seemed serious about directing the basement construction process to other workers.

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