Raffi Ahmad Wants To Overhaul The Living Room, The Design Is Like A Hotel

Raffi Ahmad Wants to Overhaul the Living Room, the Design is Like a Hotel

[Fimela] Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina

Jakarta - Raffi Ahmad seems to have been bored with the interior of his luxury home. He wants to try with a new model.

Raffi Ahmad also invited citizens to help him choose a good interior for his residence.

In his verified Instagram, Friday (3/7/2020), Raffi Ahmad showed several pictures that he would choose.

" Slide yes " masukan Give input to these Guys to think about the picture of the Guest Room How about Guys ??? If anyone wants to draw it, input it too, and wait for it. Next pictureaaa @ revanosatria @ leopardturtle @ rsigroup @ mssm.associates , "Raffi Ahmad wrote.

In one of the pictures he showed, it seemed Raffi Ahmad wanted to have two stairs that connected one side to another on the second floor.

Not a few celebrities in the country who admire the interior of Raffi Ahmad's home. But after judging, it turned out like a hotel.

" Woooiiy, you want to make a house or make a cool hotel , cool ," wrote a director, Anggy Umbara.

The same thing also said Jennifer Arnelita, " Keceee beuts ... cool like a hotel lobby 😍 ."

"It's cool to stay in this Andara hotel mah 😉 ," said Tya Ariestya.

Meanwhile, the famous artist Bubah Alfian's makeup is actually afraid when visiting Raffi Ahmad's residence.

" Ouch, I can get lost if I get there ," he wrote in the comments column.

Previously, Raffi Ahmad showed his garden which will also be renovated. Like the living room, this father of one child also asked for his fans' input for a garden design that was right for his luxury home.

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