Raisa Brings Titi Dj's Legendary Song At Smartfren Wow Virtual Concert 2020

Raisa Brings Titi DJ's Legendary Song at Smartfren WOW Virtual Concert 2020

[Fimela] Raisa Andriana

Fimela.com, Jakarta The beautiful singer Raisa is one of the names that will fill the excitement of the Smartfren WOW Virtual Concert 2020. Appearing at a somewhat special event, the wife of Hamish Daud also admits that she has prepared an unusual performance to entertain the whole community.

One of the leaks revealed by Raisa while chatting casually at the Pre-Show ahead of her appearance, she will present one of the legendary songs of one of the country's divas, Titi DJ. Unfortunately, the mother of one child is reluctant to divulge the title of the song she will perform later.

"Because this event is WOW, so I want to bring something special that I haven't performed on TV. This is my favorite song from my 12 years old," Raisa said during a live streaming on vidio.com.

Although he is still keeping the special song he will sing a secret later, the singer of the song Terjebak Nostalgia provides a clue for the song. He said that the song he would bring later was the song he sang during the Magenta Orcestra concert some time ago.

"The first time I performed this song was at the Magenta concert. I was really excited, I was excited because it was a legend," he explained.

Leaks from Raisa, who will present one of the new Titi DJ's legendary songs, is one of the excitement that will be present at the Smartfren WOW Virtual Concert 2020. Apart from Raisa, a number of names from Indonesia and internationally will also enliven the event such as Agnez Mo, Honne, Everglow, Dewa 19 feat Ari Lasso and Once, Raisa, Tiara Andini.

Not only in terms of performers, the Smartfren WOW Virtual Concert 2020 event is also special because it is broadcast from 3 different countries, namely Indonesia, England, and South Korea. All the excitement offered by the organizing team can be watched live on SCTV television station starting at 20.00 WIB.

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