Recipe For Baked Potato Donuts Ala Darius Sinathrya And Donna Agnesia

Recipe for Baked Potato Donuts ala Darius Sinathrya and Donna Agnesia

[Fimela] Donna Agnesia

Jakarta - Couple Darius Sinathrya and Donna Agnesia share their snack recipe at home, a baked potato donut. They modified this dish and made it from a recipe for donuts for french fries.

Through IG TV on Instagram personally, Darius explained that from a recipe commonly used, he made the donut mixture more liquid. Darius and Donna bake donuts with a roast printing machine, a mini donut maker .

So, what are the ingredients needed and how do you make Darius and Donna-style donuts ? Check out the full summary below.


400 grams of flour

400 grams of boiled and mashed potatoes

50 grams of margarine

50 grams of granulated sugar

150 ml of liquid milk

2 eggs


Baking powder

Lemon juice

1. Mixer egg and sugar until fluffy. Then melt the margarine.

2. Enter the flour little by little into a mixture of eggs and sugar that has expanded.

3. Then, add the melted margarine, liquid milk, salt, baking powder, and lemon juice.

4. Enter the potatoes, then milk can be added another 100 ml to make the mixture more liquid.

5. Put the mixture into a plastic triangle and heat the mini donut maker at the same time smeared with butter.

6. Put the donut mixture into the mold, bake for seven minutes, and serve.

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