Request Legal Protection, Lawyer Team John Kei Surati Jokowi

Request Legal Protection, Lawyer Team John Kei Surati Jokowi

Kuasa Hukum John Kei Surati Jokowi, Minta Perlindungan Hukum
Photo: John Kei's legal team (Yogi Ernes)

John Kei's legal team plans to send a letter to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). The legal team asked Jokowi to provide legal protection for John Kei.

"The contents of the letter we request a meeting with Mr. Jokowi, we ask for legal protection so that no party intervenes in either the police or the court. We only ask for legal protection," said one of John Kei's attorneys, Anton Sudanto in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta , Monday (6/7/2020).

Isti Novianti, another John Kei lawyer, said that today his party would soon meet President Jokowi and give the letter.

"For this reason, the process is ongoing. The letter will arrive today, hopefully President Jokowi can receive our letter well and the notification of the process is going well," Novianti explained.

Regarding the reconstruction carried out by the police today, Novianti also expressed his gratitude to the police. He said the reconstruction process that had taken place at the first crime scene had now been going well.

"This reconstruction is also an effort of investigators in carrying out criminal procedural efforts carried out, for that we jointly witnessed this. We from the John Kei legal team participated in seeing and hearing this reconstruction well," he said.

Another legal team, Ita Tarigan also sent a letter to the National Police Chief General Idham Azis. According to Ita, the letter contained a thank-you note to the National Police Chief because investigators carried out their duties professionally.

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