Risi Talk About Sexuality In Children? See Tips From Experts

Risi Talk about Sexuality in Children? See Tips from Experts

Illustration of boy telling his mother. cdn.com

Illustration of boy telling his mother. cdn.com

, Jakarta - Children live in communities where sexual talk is taboo or inappropriate. Yet according to the expert, starting a conversation starting about sexuality early on and continuing the conversation when the child is growing up is a teenage sex education strategy.

Child and Family Psychologist Samanta Ananta said, talking about sexuality matters still makes parents uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Because, sexuality is a personal thing that is very close to a person's body, things that are confidential, privacy, and absolutely should not be known.

"Talking about sexuality is like removing layers of masks to layers. To discuss and discuss into one topic is indeed difficult, even though campaigns or events related to sexuality are often accessed, but once the same child turns out," said Samanta on Live Instagram Parenting Indonesia, Tuesday 30 June 2020.

Talking about sexuality is a matter of privacy so back to parents, comfortable or not, want to open up.

However, according to Samanta, if a family is accustomed to being open to partners, then the habit will carry over when they have children, including talk about sexuality.

So how to make it easier to talk about it? According to Samantha, this habit can be started while the child is still a baby.

First, since it is very important we ask permission to clean the genital area. "Excuse me, dear, mom and dad first clean the poop poop."

"Does he understand? Yes, he understands and from there the child understands that he is treated with respect, so he feels at a comfortable level. Every time he does until he can pass toilet training and does not ask us for help. Except with permission, for example he is ill, "said Samanta.

Second, do not be naked in front of a child also should not be done, including when parents engage in sexual activity, even in the crib and in the main bed. Will affect the subconscious and can carry over when he is an adult.

Third, when children start at 2 to 3 years old and can already be talked to children can bathe together and at the same time explain the function of organs. Bathing together does not mean not wearing clothes.

"Parents can clearly explain the name of the genitals to be named without other pronouns. Then the child will ask for what? Call only its function, if the genital tool for pee is mentioned for pee. It should be noted that the child must not help clean the body of another person old, "Samanta said.

So, Samanta continued, there was a modeling of parents by teaching them how to clean genitalia as well, besides taking a bath with parents they could also take pictures with pictures or dolls.

Fourth, as children grow, make sure that they always trust their parents, especially privacy. The more often we talk about things related to sex will facilitate the process of change, because during the transition the child is experiencing a crisis.

Because they have demands to keep genitals cleaner, look neat and good in appearance. Not to mention changes in personality and social demands in their relationships. "So make sure children are well informed about how they are going through puberty," Samanta said.

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