Risma Walks Through The Village To Elite Housing Remind Residents To Wear Masks

Risma Walks Through the Village to Elite Housing Remind Residents to Wear Masks

(Photo: Public Relations Doc of Surabaya City Government)

Jakarta - Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini ( Risma ) along the alley of the village to elite housing to distribute masks and remind residents to be disciplined in implementing health protocols, Sunday (2/8/2020).

Nearly about 5 hours, Risma along with her staff along the three districts of Surabaya. Namely, District Wonocolo, Karangpilang and Wiyung, Surabaya, East Java.

Departing from the official residence of Jalan Sedap Malam, Risma crossed Jalan Panglima Sudirman and headed for Jalan Raya Darmo Surabaya.

Right in the Bungkul Park area, he then paused while walking to remind residents who were there to keep their distance and wear masks. In fact, hundreds of cyclists in Taman Bungkul were also reminded not to cluster.

"Please keep your distance, please wear a mask. Poor doctors. Poor nurses, there are still many who are sick, do not add more," he said while reminding residents to use loudspeakers, as quoted from the Surabaya.go.id page.

After almost 30 minutes in Bungkul Park, Risma together with the group then walked along the alley in the Bendul Merisi, Sidosermo and Margorejo areas, Wonocolo District, Surabaya.

Residents in this village seem to be disciplined wearing masks. This can be seen when they are doing joint devotional work cleaning the canals along the village road.

"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for using the mask. Keep wearing a mask if you leave the house, so it doesn't hurt, "said Risma.

Then the group left for the village in Mastrip, Karangpilang, Surabaya. In the border area of Surabaya, Risma Mayor and his staff also did the same thing.

In and out of a residential alley using an electric motor, the first female mayor in Surabaya distributed masks and reminded residents to be disciplined in applying health protocols.

Not stopping there, the group then headed to the village and elite housing in the Wiyung District of Surabaya. In some elite housing with tight guard, Risma socializes the health protocol using an electric motor and loudspeakers.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Public Relations Division of Surabaya City Government, Febriadhitya Prajatara said, since the morning of Risma's socialization related to health protocols in the village and housing areas. This is because the COVID-19 case was not only found in settlement areas but also housing.

"The concern today is around good housing. Based on our data, there is a lot of transmission at home. On average there are also good housing," said Febriadhitya.

Therefore, at the end of this week, Risma is not only focused on the village area. However, some luxury housing is also one of his concerns. The hope is no other, so that residents remain alert to COVID-19 and discipline to implement health protocols.

"The mayor's mother recommends keeping health protocols, wear masks. So that we are more vigilant of everything," he concluded.

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