Singing Out Loud And Other New Rules Of Marriage In The Uk

Singing out loud and other new rules of marriage in the UK

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Jakarta - The government has issued a new guide for wedding ceremonies taking place in the UK. Since the lockdown began on March 23, 2020, marriages in the UK have been banned in almost all circumstances.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced that starting July 4, 2020 marriages can be held. This is part of the latest steps to ease lockdown in the country, as reported by Independent , Tuesday, June 20, 2020.

At present, the government has released more detailed details about how the wedding will look in the coming weeks. Some of these regulations forbid loud singing to the toast of traditional champagne.

In addition, the marriage was attended by at least no more than 30 people. That way, they can be safe by applying social distance.

The maximum number, including all ceremonies at the event, including brides, witnesses, wedding attendants, and guests. The number also includes people employed at the venue, including photographers, wedding planners, or caterers.

The social distance rule is at least two meters or one meter with risk mitigation that all guests need to obey, and places that often hold weddings are asked to mark the area using ribbons or paint to help remind people.

The wedding ceremony must take place "as short as possible". Couples are also asked to wash their hands before and after exchanging rings.

In addition, during wedding ceremonies it is forbidden to speak in a high voice and must avoid singing, shouting, or playing music at a volume that makes normal conversation difficult because it has the potential risk of transmission from aerosols and droplets. Playing indoors with blown instruments is also prohibited.

The government also recommends changing the spatial layout of the marriage to avoid face-to-face seating and forbidding food or drink to be consumed as part of the event. For the time being, wedding receptions are prohibited.

However, simple celebrations can be carried out if they follow social distance guidelines, such as in groups of up to two households in the room, or up to six people.

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