Slipping, Teens In Bekasi Killed In The Citarum River

Slipping, Teens in Bekasi Killed in the Citarum River

https: content 2020 09 19 338 2280585 slipped-teen-in-Bekasi-killed-swept-in-stream-citarum-OPiNsEORaK.jpg The SAR team evacuates the bodies of victims drowned in the Citarum River (Photo: Wisnu Yusep)

BEKASI - A teenager, Daryanti (15) was found dead after missing while playing with his friends on the banks of the Citarum River, Kedungwaringin District, Bekasi Regency, West Java This teenager from Bojong Sari Kedung Waringin Bekasi, Sasak Bojong was declared missing on Friday, September 18 2020.

The joint team from the Jakarta Search and Relief Office (SAR) and the Bekasi District Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) immediately conducted a search. The victim was found on Saturday (19/9/2020).

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The incident began when the victim disappeared while playing on the banks of the Citarum River with 6 of his friends. The victim slipped into the river and was carried away by the current.

Residents around the river tried to help the victim. However, the victim was not saved until he drowned.

"The victim was found dead at around 08.05 WIB this morning," the Head of the Jakarta Search and Relief Office as the SAR Mission Coordinator (SMC) in the SAR operation Hendra Sudirman told reporters.

The victim, he said, was found within a radius of 2 KM from the scene and immediately evacuated to the funeral home located in Kampung Bojong RT 01 / RW 01 Dusun 1 Bojong Sari Village, Kedung Waringin District, Bekasi Regency, West Java.

"Next, we will hand over the victim to the family for further processing," he said.

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The previous search process involved a combined SAR by dividing the area into 3, where the first SRU searched by sweeping using an inflatable boat along the Citarum River as far as 5 KM from the scene.

"Then, the second SRU carried out a sweeping with visual observations via a land route as far as 2 KM from the scene, and the third SRU would do a dive if the Citarum River conditions allow it to be dived within a radius of 10 meters from the location of the incident," he said.


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