Story Of Queen Elizabeth Ii's Granddaughter's Marriage That Was Not Approved By The Family

Story of Queen Elizabeth II's Granddaughter's Marriage that was not approved by the family

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Jakarta - Mike and Queen Elizabeth II's grandson, Zara Tindall, are known as the most humble couple among members of the British Royal family. Nevertheless, the father of the former rugby captain, Philip Tindall, revealed not all family members agreed to the marriage of his son, nine years ago.

Speaking at The Sunday Times, reported Tuesday (6/30/2020), Mike's grandmother was a party against her second marriage. "Linda's mother was very opposed to their relationship (Zara and Mike). In her time, the aristocrats also married the aristocrats, and she thought marriage would make Mike and Zara shunned," Philip said.

Unfortunately, Mike's grandmother died before meeting Zara Tindall . But, Philip revealed the two would be suitable if they have the opportunity to be close. "I know he will love Zara as much as we love him. He and Mike are perfect for each other," he said.

Mike is known to be very close to his family, and has been campaigning for fundraising for Parkinson's sufferers for the past few years. This was done because Philip struggled to deal with the disease.

Not long ago, the 41-year-old took part in the challenge of raising donations, Raid Local, organized by his charity, Cure Parkinson's Trust. This challenge was also carried out by adapting to the conditions of the global health crisis.

In his notes, the fundraising carried out by the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II 's daughter-in-law was attended by more than 100 peseda around the world who managed to travel no less than 137 kilometers (km). This activity was not carried out in large groups as originally planned before the pandemic.

In a video uploaded to his Instagram, last weekend, Mike Tindall explained the diagnosis of his father. Also, explain in more detail why this fundraising in person is very important for him.

"I do not want to see boys and girls having to go through what I went through with my father. My father had Parkinson for 20 years and how this disease seemed to eat it alive," said Mike.

During the pandemic, Mike and Zara had carried out self-quarantine at their residence in Gloucestershire with their two daughters, Mia and Lena. Like other family members, both continue to do various jobs and complete responsibilities from home.

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