Surge In Passengers, Gambir Station And Monday Security Tighten To Prevent Covid-19

Surge in Passengers, Gambir Station and Monday Security Tighten to Prevent Covid-19

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Jakarta - The flow of passenger arrivals at Gambir Station and Pasar Senen, Central Jakarta has increased about 45.7 percent on Sunday (2/8/2020) compared to last weekend.

This was said by the Head of Public Relations of PT KAI Daop 1 Jakarta Eva Chairunisa.

According to Eva, for Saturday and Sunday this week, there were around 3,200 train or long-distance train passengers who dropped off in the Daop 1 area of Jakarta, namely Gambir Station and Pasar Senen.

"As an effort to prevent Covid-19, users are still required to use a face shield when arriving at the destination station and periodic temperature measurements are also carried out throughout the train journey until the user arrives at the final station," Eva said in a written statement, Sunday (2/8 / 2020).

According to Eva, in anticipation, each train has also been equipped with a temporary isolation room if at any time on the trip there are passengers with a body temperature of 37.3 or more.

"Furthermore, passengers with these conditions will be deployed at the nearest station that has a health post for further handling," he said.

Not only that, continued Eva, PT KAI Daop 1 also ensured that efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19 were also carried out in terms of station infrastructure and train facilities.

"All areas and devices that are vulnerable to contact by many people are cleaned using disinfectant fluids routinely every 30 minutes, the readiness of providing hand sanitizer devices such as antiseptic liquids and hand washing devices equipped with soap is ensured that they are always available and functioning well," Eva said.

He said, train travel information can be known through the official channel of PT KAI (Persero).

"Among them are the KAI Access application, the official website of, 121 Contact Center line (021) 121, customer service [email protected] and Social media @keretaapikita @ kai121_," Eva closed.

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