Survey: Anxiety Levels In Cancer Survivors Due To Covid-19 Low

Survey: Anxiety Levels in Cancer Survivors Due to COVID-19 Low


Jakarta - COVID-19 Pandemic Impact Survey on Cancer Survivors shows the low level of anxiety experienced by cancer survivors during the pandemic.

The survey was conducted online on 355 respondents who were all cancer survivors aged 40 to 59 years. Conducted from 1 to 8 July 2020 with the aim of knowing the knowledge, attitudes, behavior and anxiety of cancer survivors of COVID-19.

"We use a stress thermometer , they just need to answer the question with yes or no then we value the stress level," said lead researcher, Dr. Elisna Syahruddin, PhD, Sp.P (K) Onk in the Lungtalk IPKP webminar, Saturday (1/8/2020).

Surveys show cancer survivors with high anxiety levels are only 6.6 percent.

"If anxiety is asked of cancer people, that anxiety has been there since the beginning, so they are easy with this. Naturally the level of anxiety is not severe because when it is declared cancer he has been training with high levels of stress, before and after diagnosis he must be stressed. "

In the end, Elisna added, cancer survivors have the ability to reduce stress well and tend to be calm in facing this pandemic.

"But anxiety persists, such as fear of infection and fear that the treatment process is interrupted."

The survey results also showed that cancer survivors had good knowledge about COVID-19. Their attitude towards this situation is also good by always wearing a mask when traveling and other rules.

"Regarding vigilance, it turns out there are only 17.7 percent who do the test but the results are all non-reactive. There are 7.3 percent of people who do swab tests and the results are negative. "

More than 50 percent of respondents stated that they did not experience symptoms of COVID-19. Meanwhile, the most common problems faced by the survivors are economic and employment problems.

"Actually, for Indonesians work is an area to reduce stress because there is socialization with friends."

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