The Body Of The Chairperson Of The Jepara Parliament Is Buried With The Covid-19 Health Protocol

The Body of the Chairperson of the Jepara Parliament is Buried with the Covid-19 Health Protocol

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JEPARA - The body of the Chairman of the Jepara District Parliament, Central Java, Imam Zusdi Ghozali, was buried in the Tengger public cemetery (TPU), Wedelan Village, Bangsri District, Jepara Regency, Saturday (1/8/2020) night.

The funeral procession is carried out by applying strict health protocols, bearing in mind the deceased died after being exposed to COVID-19, and has a concomitant disease namely diabetes mellitus.

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Condolence wreaths adorn the Tengger TPU fence. Hundreds of people appeared to attend the funeral, although they could only see from afar. Among the pilgrims, members of the Jepara Regency DPRD and Jepara Regent Dian Kristiandi were also seen.

"We have come to pay our respects to the deceased, even though we can only see from outside the cemetery area. The deceased is known to be very good towards the environment, and colleagues," said Chairman of the Gerindra Faction of the Jepara Regency DPRD, Purwanto.

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The same thing was also expressed by the Regent of Jepara, Dian Kristiandi. According to him, during his life the deceased was so close to the community.

"He is a very good person. We give the highest respect, for his service so far," he said.


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