The Conscience Of The Wife Of Kpps Members Ahead Of The Regional Election In The Corona Period

The Conscience of the Wife of KPPS Members Ahead of the Regional Election in the Corona Period

Petugas Kelompok Penyelenggara Pemungutan Suara (KPPS) dengan menggunakan alat pelindung diri (APD) mengawasi pemilih di bilik suara khusus saat simulasi pemungutan suara dengan protokol kesehatan pencegahan dan pengendalian COVID-19 di TPS 18 Cilenggang, Serpong, Tangerang Selatan, Banten, Sabtu (12/9/2020). KPU akan menyiapkan satu bilik suara khusus di setiap TPS yang diperuntukan bagi pemilih yang suhu tubuhnya diatas 37 derajat saat pemungutan suara Pilkada serentak 2020. ANTARA FOTO/Muhammad Iqbal/pras.
Photo: Muhammad Iqbal / Antara
"Anyway, if so, you ask to be insured," that was my sentence to my husband when I was going to sleep that night. What a talk that is not appropriate for bedtime.

The room lights finally turned off, my husband fell asleep as soon as he kissed the pillow and left me alone blinking my eyes. Insomnia due to overthinking about the husband's plan to become a member of the Voting Organizing Group (KPPS) in the upcoming Pilkada.

While trying to close my eyes, I tried to answer the chasing question myself, is there a wife, husband, child, or parent who is 100% sincere in letting go of a family member to become a KPPS member during this pandemic? I am sure there is not, although the degree of sincerity is certainly different.

Releasing family members to become members of KPPS in December feels like releasing loved ones to fight on the battlefield. War with an invisible enemy.

Why not, where they will work later is the crowd. Of the approximately 250 people who will come to a polling station (TPS), do we know the background? Including antimasker or not? Including believing Covid is a conspiracy or not?

Can you guarantee that those who come to the polling stations are really healthy people? Is it that easy to ask them to wash their hands and wear a mask when they come to the polling station? Or tell them to keep their distance when waiting in line to vote?

I corrected the position of the pillow which felt blocked. You see, being the wife of the KPPS, it feels like TNI wives who let their husbands go to war. Especially if you've seen the video channel of the Battalion Battalion 711 / RKS Task Force whose back sound Hanin Dhiya covers the song Anji Menunggumu again . Duh, it must be drizzling his heart. They have to be brave and wait for their husbands to come home from work, with lingering worries.

I tilted my body to the right, I could see the face of Mrs. Susi, who had closed her school canteen for 7 months because of the pandemic. The opening of KPPS vacancies is certainly a hope for Mrs. Susi and her family to get additional money so that kitchen smoke continues to rise. Who doesn't want a job in these difficult times?

Even though the job is more of a voluntary job with an honorarium of around Rp. 300,000, of course it is a joy in itself. Although the risks that may be encountered are not proportional to the honorarium received.

Or, why doesn't the government require layoffs and unemployed victims to become KPPS officers? Instead of pre-employment card money is used for courses that do not necessarily mean the job field. Why isn't this Pre-Work Card a course for simulating a KPPS?

So, at that time, did you think the pandemic would be this long? I pat myself on the cheek reminiscent of my illogical line of thought.

The clock of the nearest musola had struck once. But other worries still arise. Of course, the implementation of strict health protocols will be implemented at the time of voting later. KPPS registration requirements also state that the age of KPPS is limited to a maximum of fifty years, in contrast to the previous Presidential Election which had no age limit. The KPPS officers will not be allowed to be with people with comorbid diseases.

It seems that there is no opening for this virus to attack. But are you also considering the risks of the KPPS family at home? Parents, wives, and children of KPPS members who have vulnerabilities, will they not be exposed to the virus that was brought from the TPS? It is impossible to believe 100% that after the voting, even though wearing masks, gloves and plastic borders, this virus did not reach the house.

Do these KPPS still remember after getting tired of counting ballots to follow the protocol of arriving at home? Who will educate them anyway?
Likewise, if the voting has been done. Fingers are not dipping in the ink, like the simulation selection that has been done.

But is there any guarantee that there is no OTG in the voting booth? The ones when sneezing cover their mouths with their hands and not their arms, which incidentally they are anti-mask fighters, and after sneezing they immediately grabbed the voting tool, and the voting tool was held by the next voter? And it will also be held by the KPPS officer who will take care of it later.

The pictures on the ceiling of the room suddenly changed to the image of the last 2019 Presidential Election. Do you still remember the eight hundred KPPS officers who died and the eleven thousands who were sick? At that time, KPPS worked almost 24 hours non-stop and only took breaks to eat and pray. Yes, 24 hours non-stop!

The KPPS officers at the TPS who were on duty at that time departed at 06.00 am and did not return home again at 06.00 am the next day. Which employee works 24 hours a day and is only given around Rp. 300,000 tired of money?

Still the story of the 2019 Presidential Election, a friend who served at the urban village KPPS told about the vote counting process in his area. He told of the Chairman of the KPPS who was left asleep due to fatigue in the middle of a vote count, but when he was awakened, he never woke up again. It turned out that the loud snoring in the middle of the tally might be a sign of a heart attack, and no one had noticed.

Ah, maybe my friend now doesn't want to register as a KPPS officer anymore because of his trauma.

Despite the messy news about the cause of the mass death of the KPPS officers in the presidential election, in the end there was compensation for the heirs of the KPPS members who died. However, the terms and conditions that apply are still unable to provide justice for all. Not all heirs receive compensation.

The death of the KPPS officer after the set date is not covered by the government. And most importantly of all, can this compensation be able to return the families of those who died due to their duties as KPPS?

And, we are ready to repeat that dark event again?


The KPPS registration letter was finally signed by the husband. It seems there is nothing else I can do. Only a request for insurance that I could make when my husband was unanimous about his desire to become a member of the KPPS. With all the thoughts in my head, I could only say those words to ward off all the worries and overthinking that existed.

With this insurance, at least there is someone who guarantees if there are KPPS infected with Covid-19. Or if there is a worst case scenario, one of the KPPS members who dies, then the government does not need to be confused anymore; there is insurance that will cover it.

But it seems I still have to continue my dream in dreamland. The Job Creation Act that many parties have been fussing about is still being passed, especially since it is just a dream of a KPPS wife.
Wulan Purbani, wife of a KPPS member in Gresik Regency

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