The Couple In Palembang Was Mugged By A Gun With A Missing Money Bag

The couple in Palembang was mugged by a gun with a missing money bag

Photo illustration: Edi Wahyono

Action begal again made motorists fret in Palembang, South Sumatra, the last few weeks. This time, a married couple, LO (29) and DK (30), were held by homemade firearms in the Jakabaring area.

This action took place on Friday (6/27) on Jalan Dekranasda, Jakabaring and not far from the sports complex. The action occurred when the victim and her husband crossed around 22:00 WIB.

"My husband and I came from Seberang Ilir that night to Ulu. Suddenly two people were being held off," explained LO when met at Mapolrestebes Palembang, Saturday (6/28/2020).

The two perpetrators then pulled the victim's bag and valuables. The two perpetrators also aimed the victim with sharp weapons and asked not to fight.

"After the bag was pulled, my husband and I tried to catch up, but at that time the perpetrators pulled out the gun. Then we aimed a gun at us," he said.

Not wanting to take the risk, the victim finally stopped chasing. As a result of the incident, the victim's money, ATM, cellphone and valuables in the bag disappeared.

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