The Depok City Government Collaborates With Religious Figures To Campaign For The Danger Of Covid-19

The Depok City Government Collaborates with Religious Figures to Campaign for the Danger of Covid-19

PHOTO: Ridwan Kamil Visits Simulation of COVID-19 Vaccination in Depok

Jakarta - The City Government (Pemkot) of Depok, West Java is partnering with religious and community leaders to become campaigners (jurkam) for COVID-19 . They will provide education about how to prevent the new type of Corona virus that causes COVID-19 to the public.

"To increase citizen awareness of COVID-19 prevention, we invite 15 community and religious leaders in Depok City to shoot videos for COVID-19 education," said the Head of the Social Welfare (Kesos) Section of the Depok City Secretariat, Eka Firdaus in Depok, Thursday (22/10/2020).

This effort is a follow-up response to West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil's direction regarding plans to invite community and religious leaders to become the coordinator of education for COVID-19 .

"We are cooperating with community and religious leaders who have influence in the neighborhood to deliver education on COVID-19 ," said Eka quoted by Antara.

However, the messages regarding health protocols and others are packaged in video form. Hopefully, the invitation and education will be easier for the public to understand and accept.

"In this case, we are cooperating with the Depok City Communication and Information Service (Diskominfo) to capture video content. Yesterday we started as many as six people at the mosque, the rest today we do on the third floor, the Social Welfare Section of the Depok Regional Secretariat Office," he said. .

** #RememberMessage

Wear a mask, wash your hands with soap, keep your distance and avoid crowds.

Always take care of your health, don't get infected and take care of our family.

He added that the dozens of people were drawn from various religious organizations such as the Depok City Forum for Religious Harmony (FKUB), the Depok City of Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), and the Depok People Community (KOOD).

"We also take from Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama circles. In addition, five of them also come from non-Muslim circles," said Eka.

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