The Excitement Of Darius Sinathrya And Donna Agnesia During Their First Trip In India

The Excitement of Darius Sinathrya and Donna Agnesia During Their First Trip in India

Darius Sinathrya and Donna Agnesia

Jakarta - Every time you travel is not free from challenges. Likewise, Darius Sinathrya experienced while traveling in India with his wife, Donna Agnesia.

Through his personal Instagram account, Darius shared his experiences when he first traveled to Mahatma Gandhi's country. These experiences include getting caught in the rain and getting lost.

"Last year, it was the first time I traveled to India, took the @dagnesia adventure ride for the first time, direct long ride with a total distance of around 1000 km, elevation from 300 masl to 5,359 masl, 8 days on a motorbike, every day riding 4-10 hours. , on average at 6-7 hours, in the rain, night ride in complete darkness & condensation rain, straying for up to 3 hours, experiencing mild ams symptoms, but all can be missed, not only full throttle but also full of happiness, " wrote Darius, Friday , 7 August 2020.

Darius never thought that riding with his wife would be so much fun. He considered it like dating again because he could enjoy all the moments together.

"Even though sometimes it's uncomfortable with other riders who don't have opponents 😅✌️," he added. Saturday, 8 August 2020, a year ago, as he prepared to head for one of the highest highways in the world, Khardung La Pass.

"This year, tomorrow we should go back down the track in the Alps, unfortunately it has to be delayed but our feeling remains the same. On the way or not, it all depends on how it is going," wrote Darius Sinathrya .

Now Darius Sinathrya must be patient to hold back his desires and dreams so that the meaning sinks in and when he is lived it will be full of meaning.

"Everything has a way and time. Until then we just enjoy it wherever you are ..... 😘❤️," said Darius.

In the portrait he uploaded, Darius is seen walking in a crowded place in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India. They looked at each other with smiling faces.

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