This Bumn Construction Open Job Vacancies For 5 Positions, Check Here

This BUMN Construction Open Job Vacancies for 5 Positions, Check Here

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JAKARTA - PT Virama Karya (Persero) opens employment opportunities for the nation's sons and daughters. The five positions are open for application.

"Virama Karya opens the opportunity to join us for individuals who are competent, have integrity, and have high dedication in working to be placed throughout Indonesia," he wrote in his official website, as reported by Okezone , Jakarta, Saturday (3/14/2020) .

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Applicants must be a maximum of 35 years old and have a good understanding of the scope according to the desired position. Applicants must also be able to communicate well.

In addition, applicants must be able to work under pressure and work as a team. Applicants must be physically fit and not have a criminal record. Applicants must also be active in English both orally and in writing by attaching a TOEFL.

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The first position that can be applied for is the Secretary of the Board of Directors with a minimum education of D3 majoring in communication or secretary and at least 5 years experience as a secretary. This position can be applied by applicants who understand the Protocol Process, GCG Process and look attractive.

The second position is Secretarial Staff with a minimum education of S1 majoring in communication or DKV and a minimum of 1 year experience in the multimedia field. Applicants must include a design portfolio that has been published on the CV.

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