Tni: The Impact Of Puting Beliung In Pulau Galang Hospital Does Not Affect Patients

TNI: The Impact of Puting Beliung in Pulau Galang Hospital Does Not Affect Patients

The PUPR Ministry has completed the construction of observation, shelter and quarantine facilities to control infectious disease infections, especially the Corona virus Galang Island, Riau Islands. (PUPR Ministry Doc)

Jakarta Chief of Staff of Kogabwilhan I Maj. Gen. Safrudin Noor said that the impact of the tornado strikes at the Special Hospital for Infection (RSKI) COVID-19 on Galang Island did not affect the patient's condition and the operation at the hospital.

"It is true that it happened. However, the impact of this tornado was only the corridor with the terrace of the hospital specifically for infection, so it did not interfere with the hospital's operations," said Safrudin in a joint press conference with the Task Force for Handling COVID-19 at Graha BNPB, Jakarta, Friday (18/9/2020).

He said that the impact of the tornado only damaged the corridor and roof on the terrace of the hospital and repairs had been carried out. So that currently the damage has been completely repaired.

"Now it is running as it has been," he said as quoted by Antara .

Regarding the possible effect of the tornado on patients and medical personnel in the hospital, Safrudin said there may be patients who panicked when they saw the damage, but physically, there was no significant effect on them.

He emphasized that the whirlwind incident did not require the patients to be evacuated.

"It's only the terrace, the roof flies. Only a few meters and the place is not a patient care place. So it almost doesn't matter. It was not evacuated (also) because this place (which was damaged) was not a treatment area. A corridor with a terrace. There was no shift. patient, "he said.

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