Top 3 News: Rhoma Irama Will Soon Be Processed After Laws In Bogor

Top 3 News: Rhoma Irama Will Soon Be Processed After Laws in Bogor

Rhoma Irama

Jakarta Top 3 news today, the dangdut legend of the country, Rhoma Irama will soon be prosecuted by his tail appearing at a circumcision event to invite a crowd of residents of Pamijahan, Bogor, West Java.

In addition to Rhoma Irama , the police will also proceed with legal proceedings against the party, namely Abah Surya Atmaja.

Both are considered to have violated Bupati Regulation No. 35 of 2020. One of them regulates partially proportional large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) according to regional vigilance, as well as health protocols in the context of adapting new habits (IMR).

Later the king of dangdut has provided clarification related to his arrival at the circumcision event, on Sunday, June 28 yesterday.

Rhoma Irama claimed to come to the event only as a guest. However, he was asked by the owner to donate a song.

Other popular news on is still related to the development of the Covid-19 case in the country. Corona positive cases re-emerged in 5 districts of 12 districts in Bekasi, West Java, which had previously had zero positive patients.

Until Tuesday, June 30, 2020, the total positive cases of Covid-19 in Bekasi recorded 385 cases, with a cure rate of 338 people, and treated 13 people.

Following are the most popular news on the News channel, throughout Tuesday, June 30, 2020:

Bogor Police immediately processed the legendary singer Rhoma Irama's law after appearing in a circumcision event in Salak Village, Cibunian Village, Pamijahan District, Bogor Regency on Sunday 28 June 2020.

"Yes, we will check everything as soon as possible," said Bogor Police Chief, AKBP Roland Ronaldy in the Regent's Hall, Cibinong, Bogor Regency, Monday, June 29, 2020.

Quoted from Antara , the police will examine the witnesses to find out what articles were violated in the appearance of Rhoma Irama when invited to Bogor.

"Whether it's the violators, or maybe from the guests who were conveyed by the regent's mother, we will all check. Now, after that, then we can determine what articles they are violating," Roland said.

In the same location, Bogor Regent Ade Yasin stated that from the beginning the Covid-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid-Bogor Bogor had banned the king's dangdut concert at the circumcision of Cibunian Village residents.

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One sub-district in Bekasi City was again exposed to Covid-19 after it was stated that there were no positive cases. Thus there are 5 of 12 districts that still have positive cases, as reported by the page as of June 29, 2020.

The sub-district which was again exposed, namely Pondok Melati District with 1 positive case. Furthermore, there are East Bekasi District 1 case, North Bekasi 2 case, Medansatria 1 case, Pondok Melati 1 case, and most in Rawalumbu District with 8 cases.

Total positive cases of Covid-19 to date recorded 385 cases, with a cure rate of 338 people, and treated 13 people. The number of patients died has not increased, and there are still 34 people.

Cases of Patients Under Supervision (PDP) increased by 21 in a day, to 1,338 people. Of the total, 1152 were cured, 186 patients died, and zero patients were treated.

The number of patients who died with special diseases, is still the same in the past week, totaling 186 people.

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The Jakarta Metropolitan Police said 11 foreign nationals (WNA) were involved in the beating of five members of the Siber Ditreskrimsus Team. The Jakarta Metropolitan Police was known to not have a residence permit in Indonesia.

"There are 11 people secured by police officers, now we have coordinated with friends from immigration for us to leave while there because it concerns the issue of a residence permit that does not exist," Yusri said at the Metro Jaya Regional Police, Monday, June 29, 2020.

Although he had been entrusted to the immigration authorities, Yusri ensured that the legal process against 11 foreigners including nine people of whom were nationals of Nigeria, would continue.

Previously, as many as five members of the Cyber Crime Sub Directorate for Special Criminal Investigation at the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Headquarters were beaten by around 60 foreigners while developing alleged online fraud cases targeting one of the residents in Green Park Apartment, Cengkareng, West Jakarta, Saturday afternoon, June 27, 2020.

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