Top 3: Optical Illusion Tattoos That Make Your Head Look Like A Hole

Top 3: Optical Illusion Tattoos That Make Your Head Look Like a Hole

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Jakarta Today's lifestyle makes a few talkative individuals to follow trends such as getting tattoos on several parts of their bodies to make them look cool.

Not long ago, a tattoo artist in Utah, United States managed to confuse the public, especially social network users, after turning a bald man's head into a giant hole.

Articles about optical illusion tattoos that make the head look hollow are the most popular on the Citizen6- channel. Followed by an article about dogs protecting their owner's children after being scolded.

Meanwhile, the third most popular article about the 12 kg LPG cylinder will be withdrawn next month.

Here are the Top 3 Citizen6 :

1. Tricking the Eyes, This Optical Illusion Tattoo Makes Heads Look Perforated

Matt Pehrson, artist from Zion Tattoo Company, St George shows off his optical illusion work on the head of his friend Ryan.

"Today I did something crazy to my friend Ryan," said the post in the Instagram account Pehrson @mattpehrsontattoos.

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Like having a strong bond, sometimes dogs show concern for their owners. This was recently shown by a golden retriever from China.

A video showing a dog named Harry protecting his owner's child from his mother scolding him recently attracted the attention of the public, especially social networkers.

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Customers of 12 kilogram LPG must be prepared. The blue gas cylinder will be withdrawn from circulation.

There is a circulating notification of the withdrawal of 12 kg LPG cylinder by PT Wina Wira Usaha Jaya, one of the official agents of LPG Pertamina Yogyakarta. In the letter, all 12 kg LPG customers are advised to switch to Bright Gas 12 kg.

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