Truck Hit The Warung Angkringan, 1 Person Killed And 4 Injured

Truck hit the Warung Angkringan, 1 person killed and 4 injured

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GUNUNGKIDUL - A deadly accident occurred in Bundelan Village, Tancep Village, Ngawen District, Gunungkidul Regency Saturday, October 17, 2020 night. A truck whose brakes failed to hit a motorbike and an angkringan stall, which resulted in the death of a buyer. Four other victims were seriously injured.

The victim died, Supardi (65) a local resident who was a buyer at an angkringan stall. Meanwhile, the owner of the angkringan Suprayitno (46) and his five-year-old son survived despite being injured. Likewise with truck drivers and kernet.

"The brakes of this truck failed so that it could not be controlled when the road went down," said Gunungkidul Iptu Police Chief of Police, Sony Juniawan, Sunday (18/10/2020).

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This accident started when a truck with police number DK 8631 B, driven by Suherman, a resident of Jember, East Java, drove from Wonosari to Bayat, Klaten. This truck carries a load of manure. While on the downhill road, the brakes suddenly failed. The driver was unable to control the speed of the vehicle until he hit a motorbike parked with police number B 3837 QN.

This truck continues to slide and crash into an angkringan stall in which there are traders and their children and a buyer. The truck only stopped after plunging into a 10 meter deep ravine. Residents who heard of this accident immediately helped the victim and evacuated to the Klaten Islamic Hospital.

"The victim died in hospital, while the other four are still being treated," he said.

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Truck driver Suherman sustained abrasions on his hands and head. Meanwhile, her kernet broke her spine. The angkringan trader himself suffered abrasions and his son broke his arm.

"The location is indeed dangerous because it is in the form of steep inclines and descents," he said.


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