Try To Rape A Woman Sleeping In A Room, A Widower In Mamuju Is Arrested By The Police

Try to rape a woman sleeping in a room, a widower in Mamuju is arrested by the police

Duda inisial AF (38) di Mamuju ditangkap polisi usai berusaha memperkosa ibu rumah tangga (Abdy-detikcom).
The widower with the initials AF (38) in Mamuju was arrested by the police after trying to rape a housewife. (Abdy / detikcom)

A widower with the initials AF (38) in Mamuju Regency, West Sulawesi (Sulbar), was arrested by the police after trying to rape a woman. The perpetrator's lecherous act was carried out while the victim was sleeping in the room at his house.

"The perpetrator saw the victim in a sleeping state, so that his desire arose, he wanted to disturb the victim, finally he entered the victim's room," said Chief of Criminal Investigation of Mamuju Police, Kasmuddin Patma in his statement to reporters on Thursday (22/10/2020).

It is known that the AF perpetrator was an unemployed person who was given a ride to live in the victim's house. The perpetrator's lecherous intentions then emerged when he saw the victim sleeping in his room.

It was not until the perpetrator had carried out his lecherous act, the victim was awakened and immediately prevented the perpetrator's action. However, the perpetrator had already touched the victim.

"When the perpetrator entered the victim's room, he immediately grabbed the victim's intimate organs by inserting his hand into the pants of the victim who was sleeping so that the victim woke up," he said.

According to Kasmuddin, the perpetrator, since he was expelled from his place of work, did not have a clear place to live, until finally he was allowed to live in the victim's house, because the victim felt sorry for him.

As a result of his actions, the perpetrator is now locked up at the Mamuju Police Headquarters with the threat of a prison sentence of 15 years.

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