Upload Latest Photos, Adele More Slim And Make Pangling

Upload Latest Photos, Adele More Slim and Make Pangling

Upload Latest Photos, Adele More Slim and Make Pangling

Jakarta - Adele again made her fans amazed after uploading the latest photos on Instagram. This British singer shows off a slimmer body with a very different appearance and makes you look away.

Adele looks different from her slim body and long hair that is styled differently. He styling his hair in a spiral curls and dyed blond.

The mother of one child was seen wearing black leggings and a tight long-sleeved T-shirt in gray with a yellow motif. The photo turned out to be dedicated to supporting Beyonce, whom he called the queen.

" Thank you, Queen, for always making us all feel so loved through your artwork ," Adele wrote in an upload on Sunday (2/8/2020).

Adele chose not to wear the makeup in the photo. The upload has got thousands of likes and invited many citizen comments. Many commented that Adele was barely recognizable.

" Someone said this @adele STOP LYING !!! I know she's a big fan of @beyonce but this woman doesn't look like Adele ," commented one of the citizens.

There were also those who praised Adele's latest appearance, which was judged more charming. " Wow @ adele you look amazing, you always look amazing both now and before now. I love both. Keep inspiring us all ," said another citizen.

This is not the first time Adele's latest appearance has surprised many people. During her 32nd birthday last May, Adele showed off her new body shape changes on her personal Instagram account.

No more fat and chubby cheeky Adele, what is seen is precisely the figure of a woman who makes the world's people wide-eyed. At that time, the singer of Someone Like You was wearing tight black clothes and clearly showing his slim body.

His face looks gaunt, his long hair exceeds his shoulders and his legs look slim and level. Reportedly, it took a long time and seriousness in order to get into shape like that. Not just 'not eating', but Adele also has physical activities that are notorious and helps pay attention to her sleep schedule.

In addition, Adele was able to lose weight by 45 kilograms as well as running the Sirtfood Diet diet. He consumes vegetable protein sources such as water spinach, oats and buckwheat.

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