Video: Dirt Lubricant To Covid-19 Medical Officers As Suspects

VIDEO: Dirt Lubricant to COVID-19 Medical Officers as Suspects

Jakarta - The police determined the perpetrator of the harassment, in the form of smearing human waste on the COVID-19 Task Force officers, as a suspect, after a case title and witness examination.

This incident occurred when a member of the Covid-19 Task Force from the Puskesmas picked up the husband of the suspected Covid-19 positive patient to be quarantined.

The Surabaya Polrestabes named NS (50) who covered the dirt on the Covid-19 Task Force officers from the Sememi Public Health Center as a suspect. The determination of NS, the wife of a positive Covid-19 patient, as a suspect after the police held a case, examined seven witnesses, and gathered enough evidence.

The suspect was charged with multiple articles, namely Article 212 of the Criminal Code concerning Actions against Officers, and Article 14 paragraph 1, Law Number 4 of 1984, concerning Outbreaks of Infectious Diseases.

AKBP Sudamiran, Kasat Reskrim Polrestabes Surabaya, said that the case was continued after the suspect and his two children were tested negative after being swabbed, and isolated for 14 days, in a hotel in Surabaya, and a case was filed.

"We think there are 2 articles, the first is 212 KUHP, namely whoever opposes the officer, in carrying out a big task, then Article 14 paragraph 1 of Law No. 4 of 1984 concerning Infectious Disease Outbreaks there states that what is preventing , in the context of overcoming disease outbreaks, "said AKBP Sudamiran, Kasatreskrim Polrestabes Surabaya.

As previously reported, three Covid-19 Task Force officers from the Sememi Community Health Center were covered with human excrement, by the wife of a positive COVID-19 patient, at the suspect's house in the Bandarejo Romokalisari Flat, Surabaya, on September 29, 2020.

The perpetrator was emotional and refused, when her husband was about to be taken by the Covid-19 Task Force to undergo quarantine at the hospital. This was the news on Liputan6, October 16, 2020.

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