Video Of Brawls Between Women In Semarang, Police Call The Motive Because Of Men's Problems

Video of Brawls between Women in Semarang, Police Call the Motive because of Men's Problems

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM - A number of women involved in a brawl near the train Berok crossbar, Kampung Gendero, Bandarharjo, Semarang Utara, Kota Semarang on Wednesday (09/16/2020) at around 01.00 pm.

It is suspected that the cause of the women's brawl is a matter of men or love.

Quoted from the Central Java Tribune, the North Semarang Police Resmob Team arrested people who were involved in the brawl.

Most of those involved in brawls or scuffles were women.

Katim Resmob Elang Utara Aiptu Agus Supriyanto said that his party had secured as many as five women and two men.

"We got information that there was a brawl on the Berok railroad bar, it turned out to be the fights of the angels," said the man who is often called Agus Arab to at the North Semarang Police Office.

He said that the incident was a brawl between villages.

"Kebonharjo and Kalibaru," added the man who is often called Agus Arab.

The perpetrators of the brawl were also some local residents.

The police also found liquor in the form of a bottle of ciu that was allegedly consumed after the brawl.

The perpetrators have also been questioned at the North Semarang Police Office in the Kota Lama Semarang area.

They were given training and questioned but were not detained because no one was carrying sharp weapons. (Central Java Tribune / Tribune-Video)

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