Video: Two Patients Cured Covid-19 Donate Blood Plasma At Pmi Surabaya

VIDEO: Two Patients Cured COVID-19 Donate Blood Plasma at PMI Surabaya

Jakarta - Two patients recovering from COVID-19 made a blood plasma donation at Surabaya PMI Building, Jalan Embong Ploso, Surabaya , East Java.

Blood plasma donors from patients recovering from COVID-19 are able to help cure other positive patients with Covid-19. PMI Surabaya City admitted that it was still difficult to find blood plasma donors from patients cured Covid-19.

The Surabaya City PMI opened a blood plasma donor service to two Surabaya residents who had been declared cured of Covid-19.

For humanitarian reasons, the two residents voluntarily donated their blood plasma at the Surabaya branch of the Indonesian Red Cross Office, on Jalan Embong Ploso, Surabaya, Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile the Surabaya City PMI said that the two donors had blood type B and O. The Surabaya City PMI appreciated the donor's second step, because until now it was still difficult to find blood plasma donors from patients recovering from Covid-19. This was stated on Liputan6, July 3, 2020.

"It's just rather difficult to find a donor, who really meets the requirements, but we are working with the City Health Office, so we can get data from patients who have recovered from COVID-19, there are even statements that he want to donate the plasma, "said Budi Arifah, Head of UDD PMI Surabaya .

The blood plasma of people who have recovered COVID-19 is believed to be able to cure patients exposed to the corona virus, especially patients in the severe category.

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