Viral, The Hilarious Behavior Of Fun Cows Lying On The Owner's Mattress

Viral, the hilarious behavior of fun cows lying on the owner's mattress

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Jakarta An angry cow may have become a common sight. However, it is unusual if you see cows lying on the mattress.

This funny moment was captured on the Tiktok @ anazbecks7 account , which shows the mammal lying on the mattress accompanied by the surrounding lego toys. Apparently, the cow's behavior was immediately discovered because the owner entered the bedroom.

And there was a moment when the cow was driven away which was no less attracting public attention.

"I was drenched when I saw her cows beaten HAHAHA ," tweeted the @mnismagmbrt account

The incident occurred when the owner was shocked to see a cow that was on his bed. Not immediately scolding him, the woman gave praise to the cow.

The look on the face of the cow that looked relaxed seemed to confirm the words of flattery that were said. However, things got worse immediately when the woman saw the cattle shit on the sheets.

" This is letong (feces), Mbak Nopi ," said the woman in the video.

Upset, one of the people in the house immediately took an e-toll card stick and landed it on the cow's rump. Without thinking, the animal woke up and tried to escape, which terrified the whole house.

Posts showing the comfort of a cow sleeping on a mattress have attracted the attention of netizens. Some of them were amazed because the behavior of these mammals was not like other animals. Until now, the Tiktok video has received more than 300 thousand likes and 20 thousand comments.

"H ewan understood which one is more comfortable and soft," wrote @bukanwulanwu account.

"Isn't the sultan's cage covered with mattresses," replied the account @sebutsajapasha.

" Hey, why are you bothering and playing records," added the account @ johaneslopez27.

" Maybe his cow had a nightmare, so he moved from the barn to the room," replied the account @ riefmmad14.

" Oh my, he feels like a cat," said the account @ adisislami88.


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