Wife Does Not Accept Divorce, Man In Banjarmasin Burns House Of In-Laws

Wife does not accept divorce, man in Banjarmasin burns house of in-laws

Seorang pria di Banjarmasin bakar rumah mertua gegara tak terima dicerai istri. Pelaku ditangkap polisi.
Photo: Man in Banjarmasin burns the house of his in-laws because his wife does not accept the divorce (Risanta / detikcom)

A man with the initials JA (34), in Banjarmasin , South Kalimantan (South Kalimantan), was determined to burn the house of his in -laws because he was disappointed that his wife did not accept the divorce. As a result of this arson incident, a number of residents' houses were severely damaged.

The incident occurred in the Banyiur Luar area, Basirih Village, West Banjarmasin, Saturday (17/10) in the morning. Starting when JA had a big fight with his wife, LA, the perpetrator was disappointed because his wife refused to return after separating from the bed.

The emotional perpetrator then poured kerosene on his wife's body and lit a match. LA was lucky to escape after wrestling with the perpetrator who immediately burned the floor and walls of the house.

"When he arrived in the early hours, he was suspicious because he was carrying kerosene. He asked to return and did not want a divorce, but I refused. Finally my husband got emotional and wanted to burn me," LA told reporters on Sunday (18/10/2020).

LA and JA have long separated beds, LA then lives with her parents. The reason LA divorced JA was because she couldn't stand her husband's behavior. After burning his father-in-law's house, JA fled and was arrested by the police while hiding under a resident's house on Jalan Sepakat Ujung, Teluk Tiram Village.

When he was secured, some of JA's body suffered burns so he had to undergo treatment at the Bhayangkara Level III Hoegeng Iman Santoso Hospital, Banjarmasin. The Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Banjarmasin Police, AKP Alfian Tri Pramadi confirmed that he had secured JA.

"The perpetrator himself had undergone treatment for burns and then the legal process was handled by the West Banjarmasin Police," said Alfian.

This case is currently being handled by the West Banjarmasin Police. Apart from securing the perpetrators, the police also confiscated two gray trousers and a blue shirt that still smelled like kerosene. For his actions, the perpetrator was charged under Article 187 of the Criminal Code with a maximum prison sentence of 12 years.

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